About Carol

Carol Olivia Adams-inspirational writer, professional intuitive counselor, lively guest on cable TV, and host of The Matter of the Heart Independent Talk Radio 1100 am KFNX gives us insight into spiritual and humanistic principles in The Awakening of Friendship.  Carol Olivia has learned throughout her many intuitive sessions with clients the spiritual value of her patient ear, kindness, and sincerity, blending with each session her wisdom of spirituality, her background in psychology, and plain common sense. Many universal principles of humanity became apparent to her healing profession and these principles inspired Carol Olivia to delve and recognize the human connection of friendship with greater understanding and deep appreciation. This self-realization became the catalyst for The Awakening of Friendshipthe acknowledgement of the human and spiritual connection of friendship enhancing the golden thread of dignity, respect , and compassion.
The Awakening of Friendship